More Software ... XDataExtract is Xml made easy!

What location got those new chairs?
Which office has the new Dell computer?
Where did I put that old scanner?

InTrek knows.

With InTrek quickly enter and track your company's inventory.
This product is a must have for construction companies, rental centers, distribution companies, just to name a few. 

  •   A fully functional XML tool.
  •   Upload XML data into a Microsoft Sql server 
      database effortlessly.

  •   Create tables and fields automatically from the 
       XML tags.

  •   Manage your client information on a budget.
  •   Create custom databases and forms to
      organize your information the way you  need it.
  •   No knowledge of programming or
      database management necessary
  •   Manage meeting and telephone notes, upload
      files, images and scanned documentation.
  •   Want to keep old files along with updated
      files?  No problem with CyQuest version 
InTrek: Finally asset management made easy! CyQuest: Track your clients; grow your business

Custom Application Development
Web Application Development

On-Line Company Catalog Systems
  •    Your customers can view and 
        select merchandise from the 
        convenience of their computer. 

  •     Increase operating hours without
        increasing operating cost or changing 
        your existing business model.

On-Line Ordering Systems
  •   Your customers can place and
      view merchandise orders over the 
  •   Increase potential cash flow without
       increasing overhead.

On-Line Customer Service Systems
  •   Your customers can manage 
       their account information from the 
  •  Your customers can view current  
      order status, order history, etc.

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